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Welcome to Cuang Cheng Mao Yi Sdn Bhd (MY DEAR). CO. No. 281814P

Our mission is to make life easier for parents, more enriching for children, and more enjoyable for the entire family. Our goal is to provide babies, children and their parents with the very finest products available. We search to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Indonesia for innovative, hard to find, high-quality products at affordable price.

* WE HAVE MOVED! Our warehouse / factory at Puchong has shifted to Beranang since June 2015.

  Please see the map below for our new location.*

*KAMI TELAH BERPINDAH! Gudang / Kilang kami di Puchong telah pindah ke Beranang sejak Jun 2015.

  Sila rujuk kepada peta di bawah untuk lokasi baru kami *

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